My enjoyment of dogs began as a small child, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I owned my first Terrier … an Airedale.  The enjoyment and laughter that Michael Airedale brought to our family as I was growing up was unbelievable.  I was convinced then that I never wanted to be without a dog in my life ... and to this day that has been true.


In 1989 I bought my first show dog … a joyful bundle of fluff that matured into a beautiful male Airedale.  Casey was a great show dog and enjoyed a long and very successful career in the show ring.  But more importantly, he was an integral part of our family life for over 15 years.


I showed my Airedales continuously from 1990 until 2003 and am very proud of the winning tradition they created.  With a strong foundation of wins in the ring, and a growing desire to make a significant contribution to the breed, it was an easy transition to engage in a serious Airedale breeding program which ran from 1994 until 2004. 


During the summer of 1993 I met and fell in love with Lakeland Terriers. I co-owned my first two Lakelands with their breeders Richard and Wendy Paquette of Wenrick Kennels. These two females were my foundation stock and their progeny are still the heart of my breeding program … five generations later!


Northcote Lakeland Terriers is tucked away in King Township which is a charming rural area just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  This locale is best known for some of Canada’s most famous horse racing stables and equestrian training centers.



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